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Summer and social distancing the right way!!

Summer and social distancing the right way!!


With the trap teams move to Beaverbrook, we will now need parent volunteers to help with scoring and range safety.  It is critical that we have all positions filled for Thursday night competitions so all coaches can stay with the shooters.  Please continue to jump in and help out on the lanes. So far we have had amazing support from our parents and that has not allowed us to not implement a "sign up". We will continue to monitor how things are working and make any changes needed. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know! Thanks again for all you do!

SCORING - The scoring is straightforward to do, simply watch the clay and if it is broken, chipped or turned to dust put a / thru the box if they miss put an O in the box and call out “miss.” Calling out a miss does two things it informs the shooter of the miss and if the shooters on the line see a break in the bird that the scorekeeper may have missed it can be corrected.

When the kids complete the five shots at each station call out “Switch” and then call out the number of clays they broke in that series of five. At the end of the round add the score for each shooter and sign the scorecard to make it official.  

RANGE SAFETY OFFICER (RSO)- This is even easier than scoring! You need to walk around the grounds of the club and make sure the kids are not making bad choices with their firearms or anything else, such as a vehicle. The gun must be removed from the case at the vehicle with the action open or broke open on a break action. This allows the people all around to know the firearm is clear and safe.

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